Republic Act No. 7394 "The Consumer Act of the Philippines"

 "The Consumer Act of the Philippines" 


       It is the policy of the State to protect the interest of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry. The objectives of this Act is all focused to the welfare, protection and rights of all the consumer in the Philippines.

      As I read the Consumer Act of the Philippines it is implemented  for the interest of all consumers. We benefit for this Act because all of us is a consumer.

      The Objectives of this Act is the following:

  • protection against hazards to health and safety; protection against deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales acts and practices;
  • provision of information and education to facilitate sound choice and the proper exercise of rights by the consumer;
  • provision of adequate rights and means of redress; and
  • involvement of consumer representatives in the formulation of social and economic policies.

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